Richard Catlow

Sir Richard Catlow delivers Royal Institution Discourse in modelling

The CPLAS researcher and trustee of the Royal Institution delivered the first Discourse since the pandemic interruption.

Scientists have always used models. Since the ancient Ptolemaic model of the universe through to renaissance astrolabes, models have mapped out the consequences of predictions. They allow scientists to explore indirectly worlds which they could never access.

Sir Richard explained that computer modelling is a bridge between theory and experiments allowing scientists to understand complex systems.

He went on to discuss the importance of modelling in the challenges that society faces, from climate change, energy storage, health and future computing.

Modelling will play a fundamental part in CPLAS to help understand the processes of plasmo-catalysis and the whole team is excited about the scientific discoveries that lie ahead.

Discourses are one of the Ri’s oldest and most prestigious series of talks. Since 1825, audiences in the theatre have witnessed countless mind-expanding moments, including the first public liquefaction of air by James Dewar, the announcement of the electron by JJ Thomson and over 100 lectures by Michael Faraday. In more recent times, we have had Nobel laureates, Fields medal winners, scientists, authors and artists – all from the cutting-edge of their field. Discourses are an opportunity for the best and brightest to share their work with the world.