Richard Catlow

Richard Catlow is elected to the Fellowship of the International Science Council

CPLAS  UKCataylsis Hub lead has been elected to he Fellowship of the International Science Council (ISC). The Fellowship is an honour awarded to those who champion science in society and in policy-making.

The ISC is a global network of science academies and unions which aims to be “A Global Voice for Science”. It has a wide-ranging programme aiming to inform policy at both national and international levels. Its outputs include statements, reports, webinars and initiatives such as the recent work on “refugee and displaced scientists, where it has worked with other science networks including the Inter Academy Partnership (IAP) and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). More information on the work of the ISC can be found on its website: (

Recently, the ISC inaugurated a Fellowship Scheme whose aim is to recognise individuals for their outstanding contributions to the promotion of science as a global public good. The Fellowship is the highest honour that can be conferred on an individual by the International Science Council.

The ISC aims to use the fellowship as a resource of expertise on which it can call to provide advice and input to its programmes. In the initial round, 66 Fellows were elected from a wide range of nations and regions, including 3 from the UK: Sir Paul Nurse, (Crick Institute), Geoffrey Bolton (Edinburgh) and Richard Catlow (UCL).