Position: Leadership Team

Anatoy Zayats

Anatoly Zayats

Professor Anatoly Zayats is the Principal Investigator of CPLAS. He previously led two EPSRC programme grants (Active Plasmonics & Reactive Plasmonics) along with being awarded two ERC Advanced... Read More

Stefan Maier

Professor Stefan Maier is the CPLAS lead at Imperial College LondonA graduate of Caltech, Stefan was awarded the Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences and the Paterson Medal of the Institute of Physi... Read More

Richard Catlow

Richard Catlow

Sir Richard Catlow is the CPLAS lead at Catalysis Hub. His home institution is Cardiff University. After obtaining his degree and PhD from St John's College, Oxford University, he held his first ac... Read More

Megan Grace-Hughes

Megan is the Research Project Manager for CPLAS. She works closely with the leadership team and is responsible for the operational management and administration of the grant. She also has an ext... Read More