CPLAS Researcher at Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2024

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MRE 2024 demonstrated that the future of materials science is bright, with endless possibilities for innovation and real-world impact.

CPLAS Research Associate Dr. Anastasiia Zaleska exhibited at the Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2024 in April at the Business Design Centre in London as part of the Metamaterials UK Network stand.

MRE 2024 highlighted a wide array of materials, including nanotechnology, biomaterials, textiles, polymers, metals, and glass. These materials are not just theoretical but serve as the backbone for real-world applications in various sectors such as energy, space, construction, packaging, marine, automotive, and low-carbon technologies.

The event featured cross-cutting presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and an investor showcase brimming with potential. MRE 2024 fostered an environment of knowledge-sharing and cross-sector interactions, making it a catalyst for progress in the field of materials science. It brought together the UK’s research and innovation excellence in materials with UK product manufacturers and forward-thinking investors, creating a unique platform for collaboration.

Participants had the opportunity to connect with the materials community, exchange ideas, and adopt the latest advances in materials science. The event reinforced the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, paving the way for future developments in materials research and application.