Creating waves at UK Nanoday

On a night when the Royal Albert Hall was hosting the grand Proms, members of the CPLAS Team embarked on an exquisite journey from the grand to the infinitesimally small with the first-ever UK Nanoday. This unique event, organised by the London Centre for Nanotechnology held on September 8 at Imperial College London, showcased the mesmerising world of nanoscience while bringing science and music together in a harmonious blend.

The event promised to take attendees on a joyous ride across sound and light waves at the nanoscale via a panel session and exhibition, “All the Small Things – A Celebration of Waves” did not disappoint.

CPLAS researcher Dr Sasha Rakovich and Research Project Manager Megan Grace-Hughes took part in a panel talk discussing the importance of creativity in science.

Sasha delved deep into the harmonious relationship between music, mental health, and wellness. She uses music to allow her to unwind from her work at King’s.

Megan spoke about how she brings creativity to her role, by curating events and thinking up new ways to communicate research to the public.

They were joined by Professor Andrew Fisher from UCL, who talked about the physics of music.

The unanimous message from the panel was clear: fostering creativity is vital. Whether it’s in scientific research or day-to-day life, cultivating a creative mindset from a young age can open doors to unimaginable innovations.

The event also featured exhibits with Team CPLAS showcasing their outreach to explain how plasmo-catalysis works.

The event culminated with researchers from King’s leading a dance about plasmonic resonance.

UK Nanoday was an enthralling fusion of science and art, proving once again that science, even at the tiniest scales, can inspire creativity and celebration. It was not just a day to understand the ‘small’ wonders of the universe but also to appreciate the ‘grand’ symphony of life.

The event left attendees with a deeper appreciation for the vast possibilities of nanoscience and its impact on our world.