CPLAS researchers promoted

Congratulations to CPLAS researchers who have recently been promoted.

Dr Wayne Dickson has been promoted to Reader in the Department of Physics at King’s College London.

His expertise lies in the fabrication and characterisation of nano-optical and plasmonic materials and metamaterials.  He leads workpacakge five at King’s College London.

Dr Sasha Rakovich has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics at King’s College London.

Her research interests include the use of nanomaterials for bio-applications, biomimmetic nanophotonics and nano-enhanced biophotonic materials. Further interests include light-matter interactions, sensing and material manipulation on nanoscales. She leads workpackage five at King’s College London

Fang Xie has been made a professor in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London.

Her research concerns novel nanomaterials synthesis and fabrication and their applications in energy and life sciences.  Metal and semiconducting nanoparticles are prepared by both bottom-up and top-down methods such as colloidal lithography, nanoimprint lithography, and wet chemical synthesis/self-assembly.