Chemical industry must ‘defossilise’ to reduce carbon emissions that account for 6% of all global emissions


CPLAS co-investigator Professor Graham Hutchings FRS is the lead author on a new report by the Royal Society that calls for the chemical industry to defossilise by transitioning to alternative sources of carbon. The report, titled “Catalysing Change: Defossilising the Chemical Industry,” outlines crucial steps the industry could take to reduce its significant carbon emissions, which currently constitute approximately 6% of global CO2-equivalent emissions.

The Royal Society report examines potential alternative sources of carbon for making chemicals, including biomass, plastic waste, and carbon dioxide (CO2).

“To get to a net-zero world and reduce the impacts of climate change, the chemical industry must look for alternative feedstocks. We need “green carbon These alternatives could significantly reduce the industry’s greenhouse emissions, but it is vital that research and development in key chemistry fields such as catalysis continues, and in addition to this, vast expansion of renewable energy and green hydrogen will be required.”

Professor Graham Hutchings FRS

You can find more information on the Royal Society website.