Celebrating CPLAS promotions

Congratulations to CPLAS co-investigators Ifan Stephens & Johannes Lischner, who have both been promoted to Professor in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London

Professor Ifan Stephens first joined Imperial College in 1997 as an undergraduate in the Department of Materials; he graduated in 2001. After a 16-year hiatus, which he spent at the University of Cambridge, the Technical University of Denmark and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he rejoined the Department in 2017 as a senior lecturer.

His research interests include electrocatalysts for fuel cells for creating electricity from hydrogen and the electrolytic production of fuels and chemicals such as hydrogen and ammonia.

Ifan is the CPLAS Imperial College London lead for Work Package 2 -Plasmo-catalysis for energy applications

Professor Johannes Lischner joined Imperial College London in 2014 as a Royal Society University Research Fellow.

His research interests include the generation of hot carriers in nanoplasmonic materials for the conversion of solar energy into fuels.

Johannes is the CPLAS Imperial College London lead for Work Package 1 -Fundamentals of plasmo-catalysis

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